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Trade-in campaign 2021

Upon return of your Hollywood Backstage Vanity Kaptafel you get the full purchase amount as a discount on one of the hairdressing tables from our Glam Queen Collection T.W.V. € 1,299, or from our Glam x Cinderella Collection T.W.v. € 1,199, -

Sign up July 20, 2021 (23:59 hours) by authorizing the e-mail or send an email to You then automatically agree with these promotion conditions. We ensure that your dressing table is exchanged for free.

  • The dressing table to be exchanged must be a Hollywood Backstage Vanity dressing table in every color and condition.
  • The discount is valid for hood tables from the glam queen collection or glam x Cinderella collection.
  • The customer agrees with the fact that the promotionSubject to andpass by go at 100 registrations.
  • Order and payment takes place in advance and serves after registration and approval for deliveryto be inside us.
  • Personal voucher code or payment link is valid for 10 days after it has been provided.
  • Free delivery of the New dressing tableAnd the old dressing table is picked up immediately Upon delivery of the new dressing table.
  • Customer agrees with The fact that the Materials of the Old dressing table sustainable Recycled and / or donated.
  • 8 weeks Delivery time from July 20, 2021.
  • Pine treeechoteedressing table cannot be exchanged or returned
  • Pine treegap table Anyear warranty.