Make up suitcases

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Professional make-up bags

With our professional and luxury make-up bags storing and organizing your make up and accessories will make it a lot easier. The workplace of a fisherman or make-up artist can quickly become messy with all the products that get mixed up and lost. Of course you want a convenient solution for this, since this is your work space and it is as nice as it remains neat and organized. This will give you a calmer atmosphere, for both you and your customers. That's why we at Luxury Palace always have a solution for you.

Make-up case with mirror and light

Are you interested in a nice and handy make up case? With us then you have the choice from various complete make-up bags, with everything on and on, and even some luxurious extra s. A make-up case with a mirror and light needed? No problem at all! All our luggage cases are equipped with both a large mirror and dimmable LED lighting. In one make-up case a whole make-up studio, with more than enough storage space, LED lighting, holders for e.g. stylesheets, hairdryers or make-up brushes and even a stop contact to plug in the hairdryer or stylesheet. This all fits in a handy make-up trolley, so easy to take!

What kind of fishing bags are you looking for?

When it comes to make up bags, we have more than enough to choose from, with everything you need and more. For example, look at our Backstage Vanity On (W)heels, a simple but beautiful visage case with a mirror, lighting, a stop switch, in and out drawers for storage, a lock with keys and flammable and adjustable feet, from 50 centimeter to 87 centimeter. This all-in-one make-up case is available in the colours silver, copper, black and pink. Isn't this just luxury enough for you? Don't worry, we have a solution for that too. The Pro Mua Case with Bluetooth has all the features that the Backstage Vanity On (W)heels make-up case also has, from the adjustable legs to the flammable drawers, but this visage case has some extra features to make your work experience even more enjoyable. This make-up case has Bluetooth, speakers and touchscreen! This make-up case is also available in various colours, namely copper, pink, silver, black and fuchsia. All our make up bags are made of aluminum.

What more can you expect from Luxury Palace?

The delivery time of our products is only three working days, and their dispatch is free of charge from EUR 345. This means that all our dressing tables and make up tables have free shipping! That's right, we sell coffee tables, too. In addition to the extensive make up bags we offer you, we have a wide range of other make-up accessories. Take for example our make up mirrors in various sizes, or other accessories such as:

  • make-up organizers
  • make-up brushes
  • make-up brush holders/straps
  • make-up brushes cleaner
  • LED lamps for your make-up table or make-up case
  • Fishing chairs, stools or poops for your table
  • even a beautiful lamp with pink ostrich feathers and a gold foot of 175 centimeter long, in case you really want to create an extended, luxurious atmosphere in your salon.

With us you can not only buy all these great products, but also rent coffee tables or even backstage sets for events. Let us make a complete backstage set-up in a Hollywood atmosphere. If you have questions about the rates of the rental or if you want to book, please contact our friendly CustomerYeah. We'd be happy to help you with all your questions about make up bags.