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Buy magnifying mirror with illumination

Onemagnificationis a very convenient tool to use when you want to have your make up completely perfect. The only question is what kindmagnifying mirrorYou're looking. There are more than enough options where you can choose whenVision mirror wants to buy. For example, you can choose from amagnification mirror increasing 20xone, onemagnifying mirror with a suction nozzlea standingmagnificationone, onemake up mirror that enlarges 20x with illuminationName it! At Luxury Palace you will find the most luxurious, beautiful and convenientVision mirrorWhich fits into your make up routine.

Wide rangeVision mirrors

Do you know exactly what for?Vision mirrorYou looking for me? Then you can easily and quickly find what you are looking for by using the convenient filters on the website. Don't you know which one?magnificationWhat's best for you? Then you can look at the options at our place and make your choice. Whatever you're looking for, I'm sure you'll find it with us. Take a look at our wide rangeVision mirrorsWho knows, you might find something you like.magnification mirror increasing 20xto oneVision mirrorwith an aura that makes you delusional in Hollywood.

20x magnifying mirror

Would you rather have one?20x magnifying mirrorone, onemake up mirror that magnifies 15xor amirror the 10xenlarged? You can! And thatVision mirror Must have a nice color, too. Oneblack make up mirroror perhaps even a shininggold make up mirrorWhat? Then there is the choice between a standing mirror or a hanging mirror. Would you like one?magnifying mirror with lightor is aEnlargement mirror with illumination Not so much for you? Find the perfect combination of all these choices and choose the right oneVision mirrorfor your make up table, to take with you when you are travelling or simply for in the bathroom.

The full range of Luxury Palace

BesidesVision mirrorsLuxury Palace has many more make-up-related accessories. For example, you can also join us for a beautiful Hollywood coffee table with lighting and a mirror, the associated chairs and crutches, various kinds of make up organizers, make-up brushes, make-up bags, anything you might need. Whether you are a professional make-up artist or a real diva who likes to do his or her make-up in style, at Luxury Palace you can get everything you need right away. For the real luxury parks among us we have some wonderful products. Feel like a princess with a beautiful coffee table, complete with mirror, stop contact, LED lighting, USB port and even touchscreen! Full of storage space and with a splendid look for in your own luxurious palace.

What more can you expect from us at Luxury Palace?

Would you like to try one of those big fancy barbecues before you go shopping? At Luxury Palace you can also rent a coffee table. You can even rent a whole backstage set up with us that we come all the way to build for you in a luxurious Hollywood-like atmosphere. Don't worry about setting up for your event and make the flash with an authentic Hollywood atmosphere. Do you have any questions about renting a barbecue table or backstage set up? Or would you like to know more about a magnifying glass or a mirage? Then send us an e mail viasales@luxurypalace.nlYeah. Our experienced employees are happy to help you make a choice and answer all your questions!